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Monday, November 28, 2011

The Lady and the Tiger, by Frank Stockton

The Lady and the Tiger, by Frank Stockton

1) The story itself provides the question: Which came out of the door? The lady or the tiger?

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Bill said...

Thanks for another classic!

The story presents more enjoyment in the consideration after the reading as the mind considers and reconsiders the options. Easily finding other paths to wonder down, the mind can turn on a dime to contradict its previous stance... (but I see that you have already guessed that I am stalling!)

So what is the answer? Surprisingly simple will be my response once formed.

Such answers to these eternal questions can only be solved through the use of Iocane powder and wariness of avoiding land wars in Asia and certainly a semi-barbaric King cannot be ruled beyond a Sicilian heritage so there it is clear that there is much to be pondered before a decision and of course... I must certainly not choose the door closest to me!

But as my foray into digressions has now run its course... and a response still has not manifested itself... I could still state that the response is still forthcoming, however the patience with the readers may render the point moot.

The surprisingly simple answer is that the youth lives! Of course there is a simple explanation and it has to due with the final thought provided by princess 'And yet, that awful tiger, those shrieks, that blood!' since this is the final thought before the she makes the gesture... We will assume that she has chosen to spare the life as opposed to to ending it. Such would be the romantic gesture... The choice is, of course, unclear... So in the end, the choice of the princess becomes, in reality, 'our' choice and I will always choose the happy ending... so she will choose to spare the life.